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i live.

12/5/06 07:43 am

it's been a while.

10/22/06 10:52 pm - thanks.


wolfpack don't give us any shit.

gone, gone, gone..

10/6/06 05:01 am - the ender ender.

what the fuck?
i've talked to like six people the last few weeks, i don't get this.

9/10/06 08:07 pm - CHEEBA!!

radical weekend.
spent all day in orlando with blane on friday then went to sweet tomato's.."i'm so excited!!"
swam, skated and went to denny's..this luscious blunt. BLUNT STORE?

saturday uh. watched blane play guitar hero and skated flat then watched titties puke all over my house. today was aight.

9/5/06 10:46 pm - stupid fucking shit

raegan made me get dominos specifically so she could eat all the fudgem things today.. damn good pizza though.
got new tires finally and hung out with blane and brian. yee yee!

pullin a baby..
i got -

SOD- speak english or die lp
tear it up- nothing to nothing lp
holier than thou?- hating of the guts lp
what happens next?- brutiful fearing 6"
das oath- uber alles cd
combatwoundedveteran - i know a girl lp

all on the way, in other words no ordering any records for a while...

i havent worked in a week and a half and it sucks.

8/24/06 11:51 pm - hell yeah.

my knee is fine, hell yeah.
the innes demo ruled. i love baskin!!! MMM!


8/22/06 10:14 pm - balla!!!!!!!!

went to the rope swing with titties, elijah and phil.. shit ruled. JUMP OFF NIGGA!

took luscious to his job orientation at taco bell.. NIGGA WHAT's NUMBA FO!?

went to mellow mushroom with rae.. place is delicous!!

hung at the shitty mall with titties and elijah.. today rule.

work tommorow..

8/22/06 01:12 am - fuck.

i think i hurt my knee.
well i know i hurt it because i can't bend it to ollie. but i think i seriously hurt it.. i fucking hope not.

i'm selfish as shit.

8/14/06 10:33 pm - yarrghh

last night ruled, hung out with blane for the first time in a while... me, him, oats and zack made quesadillas at my house and today i did chores... whoo!
picked rae up from the gym and her and my sister tried to brush my hair, that shit fucking hurt... ate spaghetti, dropped her off and hung out with blane again.. work tommorow. pointless lj updates are cool i guess.

8/13/06 03:45 pm - goddamnit.

this is why i fucking quit this shit last time.
it did the same thing.
it's not a big deal to get fucked up, shit it's fun as hell.. but when that's your fucking goals and your "plans" for the week/weekend, it's mad weak.

i hate how i have to know what i'm doing with my "future" now that i've graduated, shouldn't the fact that i'm working and know what i'm doing tommorow be good enough?

just leave me alone.
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